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Outstanding professionalism in their approach and execution!

Nic Wasunna 


Business Development

Besides exporting, we support on other areas such as licensing, joint ventures, contract manufacture, ownership and participation in export processing zones or free trade zones.

We work with your company to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions for each market

Market Analysis

Market Analysis
We work with you to assess the total market and market potential (quantity / value), support your team on the development of the market including trend analysis and presentation of growth drivers and influencing factors​.

We help your team identify key market players, delivery shares of the largest suppliers, new providers, barriers to entry and a full assessing of the market attractiveness.

Our Experts are the finest

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic Frameworks focuses on the following: 
Key considerations for each market: Where to launch first.
Fastest way to get our initial users.
Requirements for incorporation.
Assets deployment & Utilization
What are the best structures for strategic local partnerships and who are the best partners? 

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We provide consultancy services to private companies, corporations or government / non-profit organizations for solving various business problems related to commencing sales/manufacturing/outsourcing operations in a new market / geographical territory.

This includes, but is not limited to services like:

Consulting an organization about suitability demand for their products or services in the new market / geography of interest.

Market potential, growth, competition, market-share analysis and other market research activities.

Preparation of business strategy, business plan; carrying out cost–benefit and risk analysis for the organization etc.


We have gained a unique and privileged understanding of the cultural, political and practical nuances of various countries by working on the ground closely with both Public and Private sectors players to bring infrastructure, livelihood as well as digital products/services to both B2B, B2C as well as B2G segments.

Our reputation is that of a result oriented team that brings trust, reliability and predictability into deals making. 

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