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Fund I:  $50M to Unleash Africa's Potential

We are excited to launch Fund I, a $50M fund seeking to unlock the potential of promising startups(based anywhere in the world) across DeepTech, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Fintech. Our strategy leverages the African continent's unique talent pool and market dynamics to support early-stage ventures with the potential to become global leaders. 

Why Africa Was the Perfect Launchpad for Zipline and InstaDeep (and how HuzaX is following suit)
















The rise of Zipline and InstaDeep as global AI and DeepTech leaders is no accident. Africa's unique landscape presented them with a fertile ground for innovation, allowing them to refine their technologies and achieve critical traction before taking on the world stage.








  • Untapped Medical Needs: Africa faces a chronic shortage of healthcare infrastructure and resources. Zipline's drone-based delivery system addressed this critical need by providing swift and reliable transportation of medical supplies, particularly in remote areas. (Today, Zipline boasts a valuation of +$4billion.)

  • Government Support: African governments, recognizing the potential of Zipline's technology to improve healthcare access, actively collaborated with the company, providing regulatory and logistical support.

  • Data-Rich Environment: Africa's diverse and often under-researched environment offered a valuable source of data for Zipline's AI algorithms, allowing them to optimize their technology for real-world challenges.


  • Cost-Effective Talent Pool: Africa boasts a growing pool of skilled AI and deeptech talent, often available at competitive rates compared to other markets. This allowed InstaDeep to assemble a strong team and focus on R&D without excessive resource constraints.

  • Focus on Emerging Challenges: Africa faces unique and pressing challenges in areas like climate change and resource optimization. InstaDeep's AI solutions tackled these problems head-on, providing valuable insights and practical applications that resonated globally. (Today, InstaDeep's valuation is estimated to be over $1 billion after being acquired by BioNTech for + $600M)

  • Global Relevance of Solutions: While developed in Africa, InstaDeep's AI solutions addressed broader issues applicable to diverse environments. This global relevance led to partnerships and collaborations, propelling their growth beyond the continent.


Huzax Fund I: Building on the African Advantage

The Rise of African Innovation:

Africa is rapidly emerging as a global hub for innovation, driven by factors like:

  • Untapped needs and opportunities: Sectors like healthcare, finance, and resource optimization present significant challenges and opportunities for innovative solutions.

  • Skilled and cost-effective talent pool: Africa boasts a growing pool of skilled tech talent, allowing startups to build strong teams and optimize resources.

  • Government support: Many African governments are actively promoting innovation and providing support to startups, fostering a conducive environment for growth.


We leverage this unique environment to identify and support promising ventures, providing them with the resources and guidance needed to achieve global success. 

By investing in Fund I, you become part of this exciting journey, contributing to:

  • Uncovering the next Zipline or InstaDeep: We have the network and expertise to identify high-potential startups across various AI, Cyber Security and DeepTech sectors in Africa.

  • Empowering African innovation: Your investment fuels the growth of African talent and technology, contributing to the continent's economic development and global competitiveness.

  • Generating attractive returns: Our focus on identifying and nurturing high-growth startups aims to deliver substantial returns for investors while supporting a transformative movement.

Investing in Fintech's Future:

We believe Fintech plays a crucial role in unlocking Africa's economic potential by providing innovative financial solutions and fostering financial inclusion. Fund I will explore promising Fintech startups that leverage AI, cybersecurity, and data analytics to address critical needs and drive financial innovation across the continent.

Fund I Terms:

  • Size: Target Offering $50 million USD

  • Term:  10-year Term w/ 3 year Optional Renewals

  • Ticket Size: $1M Minimum

  • Diversified Asset Classes: VC

  • Open for Commitment: December, 2023

  • 2% Management Fee / 20% Carried Interest

  • 10% p.a. Preferred Returns with Advisor catch-up

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