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Products & Services

Virtual Reality Applications

We do offer 360 Immersive video experiences as well as Virtual Reality Applications to our customers.

Here is an example of a 360 Video Tour we did of the famous Rwanda's Rukari King Palace Inyambo Cows:

Augmented Reality Applications

Our Flagship products: 

1. An augmented reality Real Estate Marking Application, allowing customers to visualise 2D construction plans into 3D models. 

2. An Augmented Reality Banking localisation and Marking Application

Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms

We build robust and tailored enterprise platforms for our customers to maximise profits and efficiency in their operations. 

1. PoweX: A Non-For-Profit Organisation Data Management Platform. PoweX was built for USAID sub-contracting organisations giving them powerful analytics for their Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Teams as well as Capturing all operations processes( Procurement, Human Resource Management, Finance, Fleet Management, etc) and producing all types of needed reports for all staff. 

The platform is currently used by multi-million dollar USAID funded projects in Rwanda.








2. FactaX: A Factory Process Mapping and Data Management Platform. 

The platform has both a web and mobile application components allowing all staff in the factory to report live on data and process and facilitating fact-based decision making from Senior Management. 

One of our customer, a large Agro-Processing plant, uses FactaX for not only its factory operations but also to interact with more than 40,000 farmers who supply raw material... The platform creates a credit score for each farmer that, once interfaced with banks, would allow these farmers to receive financial services.

Our Partners

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